October for Cub Scouts

Happy October Scout Families!

Tiger & Wolf Scouts

Tiger & Wolf Scout Meetings are on Wednesdays in Ellicottville School's Elementary Art Room.

Upcoming Events

Oct 12 - Cub Scout Leaf and Tree Identification

For Tiger, Wolf and any other scout and family members that would like to attend. We *may* have a forester at this event.

Oct 19 - Something Scary at the Tiger/Wolf Scout Meeting

Cyber Chip Training and then we'll be discussing and preparing for the Halloween Party.

Oct 19 - Cyber Chip Training for Cub Scouts

Cyber Chip training for Cub Scouts in the Elementary and High School Art Rooms.

Oct 22 - 2016 Monster Mash for Cub Scouts

Please contact Mr. Knab if your family would like to go to the Monster Mash and he'll send a head count to our Allegheny Highlands Council.

Oct 26 - Halloween Party with Cub Scout Pack 652

The Pack's Halloween Party

Nov 05 - University of Scouting at St. Bonaventure

The Pack will pay for any parent or leader interested in learning more about Scouts.

Raising Money for the Scouts Activities = Popcorn

I'll have popcorn sales sheets for those that haven't received them.

Be sure to setup an account online too if your scout would like to do online sales.

Learn more at https://www.trails-end.com

Museums in Cattaraugus County

Every den in a pack has to visit a museum every year. Here are two ideas below.

Knife Making Capital

Did you know that this area we live in was, and still is, the knife making hub of the US?

Knife history at the American Cutlery Museum in the Village of Cattaraugus

Mammoth at the Cattaraugus County Museum

View exhibits of the Randolph Colombian Mammoth Exhibit at the Cattaraugus County Museum in Machias, NY. According to their hours, November 19, 2016 may be the best date to visit.


I'll be reactivating the Cub Scout Pack 652 Facebook page for public information. Let's discuss setting up a Facebook Group too.

Improving the website

As we work to improve the website, please contact us with what's missing on the website.

Let's make it a better day,

Mr. Knab

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