Pay early for Camp Merz to get early registration

Pay for Boy Scout camp ... for early merit badge registration and for early bird pricing due Friday(save $40).

Contact Mr. Knab if you can pay early.

Early Merit badge registration is on April 15 for early payers (April 1).

From the form 2016 Camp Fees on Allegheny Highlands website. FOR BOY SCOUTS Resident Camp $310 for 6 day session - $270 with all discounts. $20 discount if paid in full by April 1, or $10 discount if paid by June 1. $20 additional discount if AHC Troop recharters on time (in Service Center, paid in full, and ALL correct with JTE worksheet) and has a scheduled Camp Promotion Show with parents.


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Campership applications available on-line from Council website -  confidential.

We did get all available discounts $20 off for Chrtering on time. $20 off for JTE forms complete and on time. So at this time the cost is $270 per scout. Call the Council at 655- 2697 to see how this works with Camperships coming in after the early payment is due. I don't know but it seems to work out so... call.

I will be at the School elementary wing, downstairs from 3 to 5 today. Jeremy lives on Burlson Rd., GV if you need to drop a check off by tonight. If you are using your Scout's credit in his Troop Account, let me know and or call Len Zlockie for credit amounts and to make that payment using it. His cell number is 640-8103.


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