Committee meeting notes for 2015-06-18 UPDATE Oct 20, '15

Boy scouts 2015-06-18

Board of review for every boy on June 30. -Done. Need CoH

Go to nationals jamboree? No takers as of Oct.-20-2015

Asp hike exp -Done.

Adk trip July 3-6  -Done

Tires for trailer - Done

Ins card for trailer? ......IDK what to do here.-MAK

Front of trailer on tongue = weights ....What about it?

Donation letter for trailer in text.  We need to get Laura SOMETHING!  A thank you letter is years overdue.

Potato bake bar in the Summer  ....Great Idea. No time to do this.  Volunteers?

Cub Scouts write about fun Winter Camping at Camp Allegany

At Camp Allegany on Friday night we had a snowball fight and we learned to play some card games. On Saturday we went sledding, learned fire safety, took apart computers and Jeremy's phone. We also carved soap. We washed dishes in the Camp Allegany kitchen.

by Jackson K. and Parker J., Cub Scouts in the 2014-2015 Tiger Den.

Jan. 9-11, 2015 652 Winter Campout

Tell direction using the time!

Find out which direction North and South are by using a watch or as long as you know the time and can use your imagination. Saw Les Straud talk about this on Survivor man.

View how at



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