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Meet three creators of the new Animation merit badge

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There is an important article that you should read through before Ice Camp.

Page 33 Cold School.

 We'll review it at Tuesday's meeting.

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Spoon Carving: Full Tutorial + Tips!

Anybody want to get the wood carving Merit Badge? Complete tutorial here. Great idea to take a spoon you made, camping with you!

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We had a good day at Elk Lick and I believe everyone had fun. There were slow times and maybe some hungry moments but we all ate and all stayed acceptably warm.

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Canadian and U.S. Scouts had a lot of fun at the 2015 Calumet at Elk Lick Scout Reserve from August 14-16, 2015. The Ellicottville Troop arrived on Saturday morning for a day of adventures.

The Scouts

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Scouts had a blast climbing in the trees at Sky High Aerial Adventure Park on June 20, 2015.

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Boy scouts 2015-06-18

Board of review for every boy on June 30. -Done. Need CoH

Go to nationals jamboree? No takers as of Oct.-20-2015

Asp hike exp -Done.

Adk trip July 3-6  -Done

Tires for trailer - Done

Ins card for trailer? ......IDK what to do here.-MAK

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The Portville Scouts made a presentation wherein they proposed a Pioneer Day event where both complete Troops could get together and practice some lashing knots and then compete in mixed teams for speed and skills. We voted in favor of doing this.  Date and time TBD ...

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The shirts are green with gold letters and made to dry quickly from "performance" material.

You can see the shirts in the Mt. Snowy photo gallery.

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Indoor practice setting up of our new winter tents. (View individually to see full width.)

50% funded by a generous donation from the American Legion!

Maybe whitesville Marsh Camp-o-ree can be the first field test?

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The world is a little bit more helpful/lifesavingful after 7 Boy Scouts from Troop 652 earned their First Aid Merit Badge on March 3, 2015.

The Boy Scouts worked on February 24, & March 3, 2015 at, their sponsoring organization, the Ellicottville American Legion.

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At Camp Allegany on Friday night we had a snowball fight and we learned to play some card games. On Saturday we went sledding, learned fire safety, took apart computers and Jeremy's phone. We also carved soap. We washed dishes in the Camp Allegany kitchen.

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Adam and Zach sledding down after the last challenge

The following photos are from the boy scouts rebuild of the klondike sled, making their meals and at the 2015 Klondike event!

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I know Mark introduced us to cotton balls and vaseline to start fires but check out this video on what they did to test starting in wet conditions.

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Cub Scouts Nerf Battle

Cub Scouts Nerf Battle in 2011 or 2012!

The WEBELOS I & II designed the course!

Starting with paper the boys designed different plans for their field of battle.

Each boy then used legos to create a model of their battle field options.

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News from the Allegheny Highlands Council:

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Photos from the Boy Scout Camp at Elk Lick Scout Reserve from July 27-August 1, 2014.

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If I were not a Boy Scout at Elk Lick

"If I were not a boy scout" skit/song performed by staff at the Closing Campfire at Elk Lick Scout Reserve on August 1, 2014.

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Pix are all out of order but... you get the idea.  It was fun! We did decide, however, that fireworks as seen from the summit, were not all that spectacular.

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Pat McGee Trail: Lynico Lake

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Photos from the Allegheny Reservoir Cleanup on May 10, 2014 that Kevin, Logan and Mr. Knab had participated in.

Update from the Allegheny Reservoir Cleanup website:

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Stone Chimney Road ...and beyond!

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Well done fellas!

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